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Small Debt Resolution Scheme (SDRS)

Small Debt Resolution Scheme (SDRS)

SDRS was established by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) facing business financing problem with financial institutions through restructuring or rescheduling of the existing financing.

Purpose of SDRS

  • As a continuing effort by BNM to assist SMEs specifically to resolve business loan/ financing in an efficient and objective manner
  • To support SMEs facing financial difficulties by facilitating rescheduling or restructuring of financing facilities, to stabilise business cash flow by providing some financial reprieve whilst SMEs implement business turnaround plans.
  • The scheme also serves to ensure that financial institutions play an effective role in facilitating the rehabilitation of SMEs customers facing financial difficulties

New Financing under SDRS

  • Where new financing is deemed justified, it shall be granted under existing SME financing schemes established by BNM (i.e. existing BNM's Fund for SMEs that available);
  • Participating FIs shall seek confirmation from the SDRS Secretariat on the appropriate BNM financing schemes, from which new financing will be granted.

SMEs can obtain the SDRS application form from:

  • SMEs may apply for assistance under the SDRS by submitting a complete application form, together with the necessary supporting documents to their respective PFI or to the SDRS Secretariat.
  • Application form could also be submitted to BNMLINK or any of BNM’s Offices nationwide.
  • The PFI will be required to evaluate and decide on the SDRS application within a specific timeframe.
 For more information about SDRS, please visit BNM website: www.bnm.gov.my or contact BNM TELELINK: 1300-88-5465

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