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National SME Development Council (NSDC)

The highest policy-making body for the development of SMEs in Malaysia

Chaired by YAB Prime Minister, the NSDC is the highest policy-making body for the development of SMEs in Malaysia. Established in 2004, the NSDC’s main goal is to ensure the comprehensive and coordinated development of SMEs across all sectors. The Council members comprise 13 Ministers as well as the Chief Secretary to the Government, the Director-General of Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Among the strategic functions of the Council are to:
  • Formulate broad policies and strategies to facilitate the overall development of SMEs across all sectors;
  • Review the roles and responsibilities of the M&As tasked with SME development;
  • Enhance cooperation and coordination of programmes to ensure effective implementation of SME development policies and action plans;
  • Encourage and strengthen the role of the private sector in supporting the overall development of SMEs; and
  • Emphasise the development of Bumiputera SMEs across all sectors of the economy.

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