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Success stories

Success stories of Innovative SMEs

Over sixty years of independence, innovative entrepreneurs have been making their mark at the global stage contributing to the remarkable economic progress of Malaysia. 

Please click the link below for further readings and be inspired!

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Complex and Unmet Clinical Needs (Source: SMEAR 2014/15 Page 102-103)
  • Leveraging on Innovation (Source: SMEAR 2014/15 Page 104-105)
  • Fuelled by Passion for Green Solution (Source: SMEAR 2014/15 Page 114-115)
  • Homegrown World-Class Innovation (Source: SMEAR 2015/16 Page 124-125)
  • Recognition Engine for Innovation (Source: SMEAR 2016/17 Page 138-139)

"This type of service requires direct marketing which involves face-to-face time with clients and conducting demonstrations. References are very important"

"A dynamic organisational culture that nurture innovative ideas is essential to build a sustainable business. We also need to be resilient, have that never-say-die attitude in the face of difficulties."

"Growing up, I used to watch enviously as my cousins played with remote control cars, Game Boy, and PlayStation as I could not have one. So now I want to create opportunities for those who have a passion for gadgets and technology like I do. I want them to turn their imagination and creativity into endless possibilities."

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